EU antitrust regulator probes Microsoft’s deal with Nuance

15:14, 07 December 2021
  EU antitrust regulator probes Microsoft’s deal with Nuance

The antitrust regulator of the European Union is investigating the deal of the technological company Microsoft with Nuance Communications which equates to $16 billion.

The deal between the two companies may lead to serious issues for competitors as they would not be able to compete anymore.

Both companies until now did not comment on the news.

The American side presented by the Department of Justice did not speak against the deal and the final decision lies in the hands of the European Commission which has time until the 21 of December to allow or dismiss the deal.

In case the EU does not object, the companies will end the deal by the end of this year or as soon as the start of next year.

Nuance mostly focuses on automotive calls which are widely used by doctors and call centres.

Thus the deal is Microsoft’s attempt to get its hands on the health market as it seeks to build special artificial intelligence for the healthcare sector.

Big companies usually enter new markets by the acquisition of other smaller companies.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have long faced problems with antitrust regulators for their acquisition of other companies.

Microsoft on the other hand for a while and until now did not engage in such deals. 

Whether the upcoming deal with Nuance will lead to problems with antitrust regulators or not is yet to be seen.