Italy’s regulator fines Amazon with $1.3 bn over market dominance

14:59, 09 December 2021
Italy’s regulator fines Amazon with $1.3 bn over market dominance Photo: Holger Hollemann/dpa/Global Look Press

An Italian regulator has fined Amazon with $1.3 billion dollars for its dominant position at the e-commerce logistics market which does not allow for other companies to compete.

Another known company, Apple was also fined $152 million.

This is not the first fine to be installed by the Italian antitrust as two weeks earlier another nearly $80 million fine was imposed on Amazon for creating restrictions that have put the products of Apple and Beats in an unfavourable position.

According to the watchdog, those who do not have vast knowledge on how Amazon’s logistics system works end up being unable to access “a set of advantages essential for obtaining visibility and better sales prospects."

Antitrust scandals are appeareaning all across Europe as the laws in the EU have given regulators international power in order to control that conditions remain fair to everyone.

The US is attempting to follow the same approach that would allow it to have broader control over the big-tech sector.