Microsoft overruns Apple as most valuable company

22:01, 29 October 2021
Microsoft overruns Apple as most valuable company Photo: Artur Widak/

Microsoft’s capital’s value has topped Apple making the world’s first and second most valuable companies switch places. 

The sales of Apple are being worsened by the global supply chain problem and the situation for the company is expected to become worse, according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

Microsoft on the contrary is predicting a very profitable forecast thanks to the developing cloud business.

Apple’s current capitalization is $2.43 trillion while that of Microsoft is $2.46 trillion.

Apple keeps maintaining a policy of its shares’ buyback thus making the number of stocks available in the free market lower each year.

The companies’ stock performances have shown positive results however Microsoft is leading here too as its stocks have grown 45% while those of Apple increased only by 15% this year.