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Anti-mining activists block bridges and roads in Serbia

14:58, 28 November 2021
Anti-mining activists block bridges and roads in Serbia Photo: pixabay

Environmental activists in Serbia protested against the recent referendum that resulted in the increase of foreign companies’ presence that worsened the environmental problem in the country.

The protesters have not only blocked roads and bridges and engaged in fighting with police officers.

Activists fear that water and land will be heavily polluted.

The referendum gave the Chinese Zijin and Rio Tinto mining companies several mining resources.

Protesters warned that they will continue to carry out protests until the decision of the referendum is changed.

Another reason for the protests is the new expropriation law which allows the government to take private poverty on the span of 8 days under certain conditions.

The government insists that the accusations are false as the new laws are needed for future infrastructure projects.

While Rio Tinto on the other hand said that it will follow all the standards of the EU thus calling on citizens to not be feared.

Serbia until now is not a member of the European Union but the country is still a notable candidate for the entry.