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Belarus deported 118 migrants and more to go, report says

12:18, 23 November 2021
Belarus deported 118 migrants and more to go, report says Photo: STRINGER/EPA/Tass

The Interior Ministry of Belarus reported a certain number of migrants that had left the country by Monday, 118, and there are also some to be departed the next day, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

Europe has repeatedly accused Belarus and urged its officials to take measures against chaos on the border caused by a massive surge of Middle East illegals who want to cross to Europe through Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

The approximate number of illegals who installed camps at the Poland-Belarus border counts for 2,000, according to Minsk.

The European Union condemns Belarus and claims that the country intentionally pushes migrants to Europe as a sign of retaliation for sanctions imposed on Minsk due to the authorities slamming the protests against the results of Alexander Lukashenko’s winning in the presidential election last year. Lukashenko denied the allegations calling them "absurd".

Earlier, almost 600 Iraqi refugees agreed to return to their homeland by the repatriation flight provided by Iraq's government. The rest of the migrants in Belarus refused to return and insisted to be granted asylum in the EU, primarily in Germany.