Eastern Europe

Czech government resigns

14:12, 11 November 2021
Czech government resigns Photo: CTK/Roman Vondrous

The Head of the Czech government, Andrei Babis, submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday.

The incumbent PM announced on Twitter that his cabinet had followed through with the resignation under the constitution. 

"The government decided to resign. I sent the President a resignation letter, and the President accepted it," Babis said.

Now the country's President Milos Zeman must appeal to the outgoing ministers with a request to exercise their powers until the formation of a new cabinet.

Earlier this week, Zeman mandated the leader of the Civic Democratic Party Petr Fiale to form the new Czech government. Fiala heads the three-party coalition Together (Civic Democratic Party, Christian Democrats, TOP 09 party), which received 27.8% of the October vote.

The center-right Together and liberal Pirates/Mayors coalitions will be in charge of forming the new government together. Led by Petr Fiala, they took a total of 108 seats out of 200 and have already started working on the new government projects.

The previous ruling ANO Party, which took 27.1% of the October vote, will be entered into opposition. 

Fiale, 57, previously served as Minister of Education, Youth and Physical Education; he has been a member of parliament since 2013 .