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Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz announces his retirement from politics

17:06, 02 December 2021
Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz announces his retirement from politics

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced at a press conference that he had decided to retire from politics. Kurz will leave the post of leader of the Austrian People's Party, which is part of the ruling coalition, and will leave parliament, the Local reported.

Kurz said that the past few months have been an "incredibly stressful period" and an "emotional rollercoaster" for him and the recent birth of his son has helped him realize that he doesn't want to stay in politics.

Kurz denied allegations of involvement in corruption, but added that he was "not a saint, but not a criminal either."

On October 6 the Austrian prosecutor’s office confirmed that it launched a corruption investigation against 10 government officials including the current Chancellor. After the beginning of an investigation, Kurz resigned as chancellor, but he remained in parliament and at the head of his party.

According to the police, the former Chancellor used the federal money to fund advertisement announcements in the Austrian newspaper in exchange for publishing pro-Kurz’ positive party public opinion and media coverage. 

The good publicity allegedly helped the Austrian People's Party to take power as Kurz became the Chancellor. It’s been reported that the police conducted searches in the APP headquarters on October 6.

On November 27, the politician announced on Facebook that his son was born. The newspaper Kronen Zeitung and the RA agencies reported that he decided to withdraw from participation in politics over his son's birth.