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Heavy storm hits coast of Greece (VIDEO)

16:29, 12 December 2021
Heavy storm hits coast of Greece (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay.com

A powerful storm hit off the coast of Greece on Sunday.

As a result of the storm, there are already several wounded and there is also a threat of flooding. A 55-year old woman was found dead near her car at the village of Skotina by the fire brigade, Reuters reported. 

The footage of the disaster shows the waves with tremendous force crashing directly onto the embankment, drowning benches, trees, and lampposts.

On December 11, heavy rainfall in western and northern Greece triggered some rivers to swell, flooding villages and homes while the rescue service received more than 900 calls for help with fallen trees and flooding.

At least 50 people could have died because of the tornado that struck the US state of Kentucky last night, the Governor of the state Andy Besheer reported on December 11.