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Moldova declares state of emergency amid gas crisis

11:51, 23 October 2021
Moldova declares state of emergency amid gas crisis

The Parliament of Moldova approved the imposition of the state of emergency over the energetic crisis on Friday.

The Prime Minister of the country Natalie Gavrilita said that Moldova suffers from a critical shortage of fuel, as only 67% of Moldova's gas needs can be covered. The state of emergency will last from October 20 to November 22.

"We are facing a critical situation," Natalia Gavrilita said on Friday.

Gavrilitia reported that the government might purchase natural gas using public funds from alternative sources.

The reason for the crisis is the soaring gas prices in Europe. The current price varies between $1,050 and $1,100 for 1 thousand cubic meters, as the same volume in September cost $550. Due to the crisis, Moldova hasn’t received about one-third of its gas supplies. 

Moldova negotiates with the main European gas supplier Gazprom to extend the previous agreement with the gas discount prices. In September, Gazprom and the local company Moldovagaz agreed to extend their contract until 31 October. 

However, Gazprom raised its prices according to the market conditions while Moldova vows the Russian side to cut the price in half. The Moldovian Premier Minister said that she has no confidence in the negotiation's success. 

Many European countries blamed Russia for triggering the crisis for not delivering additional gas. However, Moscow rejected the accusations and said that they fulfilled all the agreements.

On October 6 the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Europe was the one to blame for the current energy crisis after oil prices boosted in response to a recovery in demand along with the EU.