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Polish border security commits ‘crimes against humanity’, Belarus say

17:10, 17 November 2021
Polish border security commits ‘crimes against humanity’, Belarus say

The Belarus Investigation Committee said that Polish security used harsh power against migrants at the Belarus-Poland border.

“The Investigation Committee opened a criminal case over a crime against the security of mankind, mass acts of atrocities committed in connection with race and ethnicity,” the Committee reported.

The Belarus law enforcement officers said that Poland used tear gas, water cannons, and stun grenades. They also collected fragments of ammunition and soil containing toxic substances from the water cannons.

The Polish Ministry of Defense reported on November 16 that migrants threw stones and sticks at border guards and soldiers who arrived at the border. 

On Tuesday, the Polish police recorded at least 161 attempts to break the border as at least nine border guards were injured, including one who suffered a heavy head injury.

The Polish military department believes that the actions of the migrants were controlled by the Belarusian border guards, who supplied them with flash-noise grenades.

According to the local media, Polish border guards use tear gas and water cannons to push migrants back as people desperately attempt to storm the Polish fence but are forcibly pushed back to Belarus.

Meanwhile, the local news agency posted a video showing Lithuanian security forces setting a shepherd dog on migrants who settled for the night.

“A border guard of a neighboring state brutally beats a migrant lying on the ground, and then sets a dog on him, which bites a person's leg and begins to tear apart a sleeping bag," the Belarus Border Committee said.

Thousands of migrants are stuck at the border between Belarus, Poland, and Lithuania as European countries and the US accuse the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko of orchestrating the whole situation in order to put pressure on the EU over sanctions.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko denied the allegations calling them "absurd", in return blaming Western countries for the maltreatment of the migrants who are freezing at the border.