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Ukraine announces a possible escalation with Russia in January

15:49, 03 December 2021
Ukraine announces a possible escalation with Russia in January

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that at least 94,000 Russian soldiers can be used to escalate the situation at the border in January.

“Our intelligence analyzes all scenarios, including the worst. We see that the threat of a large-scale conflict with Russia exists. We forecast that escalation might break out in January. I believe that it's a highly possible scenario, but not mandatory, and our task is to prevent it," said the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Reznikov added that 41 Russian tactical groups at the borderline are in constant readiness, including 33 battalions that were deployed on a permanent basis.

Earlier, the Bloomberg agency reported that Russia is massively redeploying its troops allegedly to be prepared for the upcoming conflict with Ukraine.

On November 11, US officials reportedly informed their European colleagues about concerns about a possible Russian military operation in Ukraine.

UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on November 30 issued a warning addressed to Moscow in which the official said that Russia’s incursion into Ukraine would be a strategic mistake.

The Kremlin called such statements misinformation and said that several American media outlets are being used for a targeted information campaign against Russia.