ABBA releases Voyage first album in 40 years

13:34, 05 November 2021
ABBA releases Voyage first album in 40 years Photo: Global Look Press/ imago stock&people /imago stock&people

Swedish pop music group ABBA returned to the scene with a new album titled Voyage which is the first ever album to be released by the group following the disband almost 40 years ago.

Their last album named The Visitors was released a year prior to their split which happened in 1982.

For the last few years the group has been teasing its fans with various hints about a possible reunion, however it was only this September that ABBA finally announced that it is coming back together with a new album and published two single tracks I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down.

The band will also hold a special concert in London in May.

The singers will be presented by their avatars named ABBAtars which will look like the members of the band in 1979.

ABBAtars are being worked on by the special effects company of George Lucas the director of the first six episodes of Star Wars.

"First it was just two songs, and then we said: 'Well, maybe we should do a few others, what do you say girls,' and they said 'Yeah'," one of the members of the group Benny Andersson described the reunion.

The new tracks are being compared by fans to the group’s greatest hits like Dancing Queen or Waterloo, however the musicians say they aren't afraid of disappointing the fans.

"We don't have to prove anything, what does it matter if people think we were better before?" Andersson.

The concert will be a brand revolution in the music scene as a whole new arena is being built especially for the special effect of the concert.