Adele provides insights on her divorce, relation with BF and music

15:02, 15 November 2021
Adele provides insights on her divorce, relation with BF and music Photo: twitter.com/@Adele

Popular English singer Adele in a talk to Oprah Winfrey shed light on her divorce, relation with her father, weight loss, and the origin of her music.

During the discussion, the 33-year-old singer revealed she had “terrifying anxiety attacks” that pushed her to start exercising and as a result, Adele has lost around 100lb (45kg) in weight. The “Skyfall” singer added that she neglected the idea of marriage when she parted with Simon Konecki back in 2018. First, she understood that the marriage was falling to pieces when the singer completed a personality test in a magazine. The divorce followed eight years of relationship and the marriage itself ended in the same year when the couple married, in 2018.

However, in the interview, Adele said she still loves her ex-husband despite her not being “in love” with him, but they keep co-parenting their mutual son Angelo by living in the same city yet apart. Adele is grateful to Simon Konecki as he “saved her life” when the singer became popular. Adele said that the moment she realized she was famous, her achievement could lead her in the wrong way of “self-destruction,” and Simon Konecki protected the singer from a possible poor future. 

“And he came in and was the most stable person I’d ever had in my life up until that point. Even now I trust them with my life,” Adele said.

The US prime-time special showed the interview with Oprah and also let one witness Adele’s performance mixed with the songs of her new album and hits much beloved by fans in the open air at the scenic Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

The show was the first that was observed by the singer’s son, Angelo.

During the event, a man proposed to his second half, Ashley while Adele was adding bright colors to the man’s initiative. It happened during the most popular song of Adele - Make You Feel My Love - and it resulted in a “yes” answer from the bursting in tears bride-to-be.

Adele joked regarding this scene saying: “Thank God she said yes because I didn’t know who i was going to sing this song to next.”

Backing to the interview with Oprah that took place in Rose Garden the singer underlined the necessity of the whole family revealing that she was left by her father when the singer was just a 2-year-old girl.

“From a very young age [I] promised myself that, when I had kids, we’d stay together. And I tried for a really, really long time.”

Talking about the music Adele assured that the origins of the energy that her music brings to millions of fans remain unclear to her.

“I don’t think, as a person, I have what my singing has. I’m pulling from somewhere else [and] I don't know how I access it.”

Adele is known to share some details of her personality and things that are going on in her life and when she was asked why does the singer reveal that, Adele replied that music helps her during hard times and “i would like to do the same for people… to be reminded that they’re not alone.”

When the singer talked about her father Marc Evans she said his absence was the “biggest wound” she had struggled with during childhood.

“I had absolutely zero expectations of anybody because I learned not to have them through my dad. He was the reason I haven't fully accessed what it is to be in a loving, loving relationship with somebody,” Adele said.

Throughout the last three years, her relationship with father changed for the better, after Evans’ health conditions considerably worsened.

Her father wasn’t much of a lover of Adele’s songs as he confessed he listened to the only one called Hometown Glory.

Adele, citing her father, said the songs were “too painful” for him.

However, Adele’s desire for her father to listen to all her songs had been fulfilled as she presented to him her new songs via Zoom, three months before his demise. 

In the interview with Oprah, Adele also shared how she feels being with a new boyfriend, Rich Paul, 39. It was the first time she openly spoke about her second half Paul since the couple started dating in September this year. She is delighted with the “easiness” of their relationship and everything is going fine by now. The singer also revealed the relationship with Paul made her feel “loving herself” for the first time and also “be open to loving and being loved by someone else.”