Aurora Borealis shows up in deep night over Canada, US (VIDEO)

17:15, 13 October 2021
Aurora Borealis shows up in deep night over Canada, US (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay.com

Eye-pleasant green-colored shining lights were seen caressing the sky during the pacifying night in the Canadian province of Alberta on Tuesday, October 12.

The entrancing effect that temporarily conquered the sky, known as Aurora Borealis and also the Northern Lights, could be visible due to the impact of a coronal mass ejection on Monday, October 11.

NASA explains that CME’s are shaped from clouds of solar plasma mixed with magnetic fields, which are released into space after the solar eruption.

The solar storm gave an opportunity to the US’s and UK’s witnesses to embed in memory and their cameras the amazing picture of smoothly overflowing green lines amid nocturnal sky.

Users who took pictures of the sky hastened to share them online with other netizens who couldn’t witness this with their own eyes, however, there is no possibility to transmit all the beauty of the event via devices.

There are at least two sources on the internet, which share data of when to anticipate the Aurora Borealis - Space Weather Prediction Center and Soft Serve News.

The live broadcast of the sky lights can be watched on this channel.