Britney Spears’ fiance gets her a puppy present

14:31, 11 October 2021
Britney Spears’ fiance gets her a puppy present Photo: samasghari/instagram.com

The 27-year-old personal trainer Sam Ashgari who is the fiancee of Britney Spears got her a dog as a present, as she is “healing” following her exhausting trial against her father over conservatorship.

Ashgari gifted her a Doberman whose name is Porhsa.

He posted a video with the dog and captioned it saying: “Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family ❤️ Porsha.”

In the video he says that Porsha will be Britney’s new protector and will defend her from people with bad intentions. 

“Her name is Porsha and she's meant to unconditionally love you and is going to be trained to protect you from any motherf***** that comes around you with bad intentions.”

Earlier Britney had problems with two of her dogs with one of them being close to death caused by severe dehydration however after spending two weeks as the vet they both were delivered home alive and well.

Getting a new pup is the next step in Britney’s post-conservatorship life as she is also looking towards buying a new house following the termination of the conservatorship which could end as soon as November 12.