Elon Musk makes fun of Apple as Tesla rolls out new CyberTruck whistle

18:59, 01 December 2021
Elon Musk makes fun of Apple as Tesla rolls out new CyberTruck whistle Photo: pixabay

Car manufacturer Tesla has introduced to the market its new invention dubbed “CyberWhistle” which has been sold within several hours.

The product is just a grey whistle made of stainless steel and formed as Tesla’s Cybertruck with a cost of $50. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk uploaded a web link for the accessory on his Twitter account also writing above the post “Blow the whistle on Tesla!”

This could be a reference to the Tesla former staffers who turned whistleblowers.

"Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead!" Musk tweeted later.

In comparison, the polishing Apple cloth for the company's devices cost around $19.

Despite the new accessory being out of stock the ones who want to make a purchase can apply for email notification to get informed the CyberWhistle reappeared.

However, this item can be purchased overpriced on ebay for no less than $200. 

Some people got themselves involved in lawsuits against Tesla following their dismissal. 

Jessica Barraza, 38, once filed a lawsuit against the giant pointing at the poor conditions at Tesla’s factory in California's Fremont while another former employee claimed that Tesla staffers at Nevada factory were connected with Mexican drug dealers and secretly participated in drug trafficking.

Earlier Elon Musk said that he loves the design of the CyberTruck regardless if it will flop or not. The entrepreneur continued by saying that he will follow his plans to leave the design of the vehicle unchanged.

CyberTruck has yet to roll out and those who want to buy it can draft a preorder on the Tesla official web page. The vehicle is expected to enter the market in 2022, but the certain date of its rollout remains unclear.