Elvis Presley was embarrassed over filming scene with erection, memoir says

23:05, 02 November 2021
Elvis Presley was embarrassed over filming scene with erection, memoir says Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As the "King of Rock and Roll" starred in the “Girls! Girls! Girls!” movie he was unhappy to find out he was dancing with actress Laurel Goodwin “excited”.

Former manager of Elvis Presley Joe Esposito described in his memoir called “Good Rockin’ Tonight” a history in which the King was captured with an erection during a dance scene with Laurel Goodwin for the “Girls! Girls! Girls!” (1962).

While Presley and Goodwin were dancing to “The Walls Have Ears” Presley realized he got a bit “excited” and informed Esposito after the shot.

“Did you see that? Did you see what happened below the belt? Damn pants were rubbing me the wrong way and I couldn’t stop the feeling,” Elvis told his manager.

Esposito seemed not surprised and admitted that the scene was intense and sensual with “all the wiggling and jumping” while the superstar was wearing tight pants.

Presley was disappointed after the filming and hoped it would not be noticeable. Esposito supposed that it would not appear on the screen.

However, the partners realized they were both wrong after they had watched the rough cuts and understood it was perceivable. Despite the incident, the movie’s director Norman Taurog decided to keep the cut as he said that the scene was too hard to reshoot.

“Hot damn! Will you look at that? I was hoping it wouldn’t show because the pants were black. But there it is, sticking out like a sore thumb … well, sort of like a sore thumb,” Presley’s reaction was.

The scene with Little Elvis eventually made it to the final cut but according to Esposito it did not stand out that much and only those aware of the confusion could see it.

"Of course, you had to be looking for it to notice. I’m guessing that only the few of us who knew were looking in that area and saw Little Elvis in action," Esposito revealed.

The symbol of rock and roll performed roles in more than 30 movies during his career until passing away at the age of 42.