Facebook to rebrand and acquire a new name 

15:32, 20 October 2021
Facebook to rebrand and acquire a new name  Photo: Thiago Prudencio/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

The social media giant Facebook announced that it is to change its name as soon as they week to start focusing on the metaverse.

The exact definition of the metaverse or at least what facebook implies when using this word is not yet fully understood.

The company no longer wants to be associated only with social media as it will rebrand into something that combines social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with the virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Facebook is not the first company to perform such an action as back in 2015 Goolge also changed its brand name to Alphabet signalling that it is something more than a simple search engine. 

The company creating a metaverse virtual reality has raised fears as in recent years the company has had many scandals concerning privacy and other issues.

The latest such instance was when whistleblower Frances Haugen leaked documents which confirmed that Facebook acknowledges the damage its social media platforms (mostly Faceebok) makes to teens’ mental health but refuses to change its policies, pursuing more profits. 

Recently it also became known that the company is hiring at least 10,000 additional employees to work on the already mentioned metaverse.

According to the CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg himself the metaverse is “going to be a big focus, and I think that this is just going to be a big part of the next chapter for the way that the internet evolves after the mobile internet.”