Family discovers venomous snake on Christmas tree branch

16:43, 14 December 2021
Family discovers venomous snake on Christmas tree branch Photo: Victor Lisitsyn, Виктор Лисицын/Global Look Press

A family in Western Cape spotted an unusual decoration in between the branches of their Christmas tree - venomous boomslang (“tree snake” in Afrikaans).

Homeowners had no other choice but to call the special services who could handle the situation as none of them risked dealing with the deadly reptile.

Gerrie Heyns, who was at a distance of 62 kilometers (38,5 miles) away from the home where the unordinary guest resided, received a call from the family. The man who specializes in such snakes couldn’t believe his own eyes as he zoomed in on the photos of the snake slithering through tree branches. 

“Now this is a first for me! They sent me two photos and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Yes… Boomslang in their Christmas tree!” Heyns commented on his page on socials.

As soon as Heyns checked the photos he replied to the family asking them to keep an eye on the reptile and not to bother it.

When he arrived at the house the snake was in the same room.

The specialist caught the venomous snake without any difficulties, but with the second attempt. In the video, the man identified the snake as a girl after the reptile threw away the attempts to escape. 

On the next day, the snake was released by Heyns back into nature.

Boomslang is a timid type of reptile that usually doesn’t attack first, but it will when captured or in case of despair. Its venom comes out of the rear teeth of the jaw and sometimes the snake can not release venom if it fails to bite properly.

The effect of the venom of this type of snake comes slowly after the bite and the target may feel well within hours after the attack happened, so the bitten individual may underestimate the seriousness of the wound. 
Nonetheless, lethal cases due to the bite of this snake are rare.