Kanye West wears bizarre creepy Caucasian mask in public

17:02, 20 October 2021
Kanye West wears bizarre creepy Caucasian mask in public Photo: Hubert Boesl/dpa/Global Look Press

The worldwide famous African-American singer Kanye West appeared in New York City with a creepy mask around his face.

The mask is Caucasian-style pale white with only the neck of the singer being sometimes visible from the back.

Over the mask Kanye wore a cap and a pair of sunglasses which made the look even more scary.

Lately Kanye has been regularly seen wearing special masks and sometimes even performing on stage all covered.

He even filed to trademark the brand Ye which focuses on special designs for COVID-19 masks. 

Despite being more original than ordinary medical masks they are far less convenient as they cover all of the face making it hard to breath.

Many on social media rushed to make memes about the mask.

Others however were not as positive saying that the singer’s mental disorders are progressing and he needs help.

Not long ago West's former wife Kim Kardashian appeared at September’s Met Gala annual ball in NYC in a scary bondage-inspired Balenciaga all-black head-to-toe outfit including a mask, which covered even the back of her head along with the eyes leaving just the ponytail visible.