Musk trolls Bezos over his drop on rich list again

16:03, 13 October 2021
Musk trolls Bezos over his drop on rich list again Photo: Britta Pedersen/Global Look Press

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk trolled the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos after he bragged about his success shortly before dropping even lower on the top wealth list. 

Bezos posted in his Twitter the Barron’s magazine cover from the 1999 issue which doubted whether Amazon would achieve success.

“Listen and be open, but don’t let anybody tell you who you are. This was just one of the many stories telling us all the ways we were going to fail,” the caption above the tweet read.

Today, Amazon is one of the world’s most successful companies and has revolutionized two entirely different industries,” it added.

 Musk who is currently the wealthiest person in the world replied to Bezos’ tweet by simply posting a silver medal, implying that despite Amazon’s success Bezos is only second in the real-time billionaires list.

Despite many congratulating Bezos on his success the majority preferred to side with Musk creating new memes about the rivalry.