YouTube deletes dislike count to shield uploaders from harassment

11:26, 12 November 2021
YouTube deletes dislike count to shield uploaders from harassment Photo: pixabay.com

Major video content platform YouTube has stopped showing the number of received dislikes under every video shared in the source.

However, the thumbs-down option is still in place and the count of downvotes remains visible yet for the channel holder only. Thus a user is not deprived of the opportunity to mark a sign of their disapproval, but they are unable to see the number of those who also pushed dislike. 

The changes have been confirmed in a blog post issued on Wednesday by the platform itself.

The move is aimed at the protection of the users against massive raids and arrangements against a certain video or even more, a content creator.

The excerpt from the blog post reads: “We know that you might not agree with this decision, but we believe that this is the right thing to do for the platform.”

YouTube also added that it wants to provide uploaders with a “respectful environment” where they “can feel safe to express themselves.”

The giant had been considering the conceiving of the dislike count earlier this year, so some users were likely prepared that the alterations could be put into practice. 

The most popular video uploaded to the platform is still “Baby Shark Dance,” in which underage boys and girls sing a rhythmic song for little kids. It has 9 636 770 534 views.