Germany and Belgium suffer from floods, more than 120 dead (VIDEO)

11:16, 16 July 2021
Germany and Belgium suffer from floods, more than 120 dead (VIDEO) Photo: Eric Lalmand/Belga News Agency/Global Look Press

More than 120 people are dead and many missing, hundreds of houses are either collapsed or washed away, massive outages – horrific result of floods, triggered by heavy rain, which caused rivers to burst their banks across western Germany and contiguous Belgium.

At least 120 people have died in massive floods in Western Germany and neighboring Belgium, according to the officials, as rescuers are still hard at work.

Authorities said that about 1,300 people in Germany are still missing, as well as thousands became homeless, so Germany had to deploy its 900 soldiers to assist the rescue operation and to help with the clear-up effort.

Most casualties came from the German side, as Belgian death toll rose up to 23, with 5 citizens still missing.

Previously it was reported, that at least 69 have died and more than 70 are still missing after severe floods erupted in western Germany and contiguous Belgium.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel described the situation as a “catastrophe” and expressed condolence for those affected by the disaster.

She said: “I grieve for those who have lost their lives in this disaster”.

Merkel promised everything would be done to find missing people.

The previous report from officials said that 58 fatalities were counted in Germany and the regional news outlet SWR Aktuell mentioned more than 80, Belgium reported about 11 fatalities. Many of the dead were found when waters began to recede.

Authorities also ordered several evacuations in the Rhine-Sieg county south of Cologne amid anxiety that nearby dam could break.

The worst situation among all hit villages is in Schuld, in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Ahrweiler, where many houses have collapsed and dozens of people remained unaccounted for.

The full extent of the damage afflicted in this part of Europe is unknown due to many villages being cut off by floodwater.

Rhineland-Palatinate premier Malu Dreyer said: “It’s a catastrophe. There are dead, missing and many people still in danger. All of our emergency services are in action round the clock and risking their own lives”.

“I extend my sympathies to the victims of this flood catastrophe,” she added.