Doctor talks on COVID damage to central nervous system

08:38, 01 December 2020
Doctor talks on COVID damage to central nervous system Photo: Sergey Bulkin/

With coronavirus infection, lesions of the central nervous system are often recorded, up to paralysis, said the head of the somnology department at the research center of otorhinolaryngology of the medical and biological agency, doctor Alexander Melnikov.

Damage to the nervous system is different - up to strokes, disorders of the peripheral nervous system with paralysis and paresis [decreased muscle strength]. In general, there is a specific connection between the virus and the nervous system, the specialist noted in an interview with

He added that the loss of smell in a person infected with COVID-19 might also be a consequence of damage to the central nervous system. However, this is only a hypothesis so far, he said.

In the coming weeks, the incidence of coronavirus infection will worsen in Serbia, and Europe, Head of the regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO) Marijan Ivanusa said earlier.