Doctors explain why many patients lose smell after COVID

09:10, 29 December 2020
Doctors explain why many patients lose smell after COVID Photo:

Loss of smell is the most common and most visible sign of COVID in patients.

The doctors have revealed why this symptom develops and whether it is possible to speed up the recovery process.

Typically, the loss of smell occurs weeks after the recovery from the disease. Representatives of the US charitable organization AbScent paid particular attention to this problem. According to the organization, many COVID patients report a disgusting smell of fish or sulfur, as well as an unpleasant sweetish odor.

Moreover, in most cases, the symptom is observed in patients who, during the illness, complained of a complete loss of smell, reports.

According to therapist Alexander Lavrischev, odor distortion occurs because COVID affects not only lung tissue but also the nervous system.

At the same time, olfactory dysfunction is a pathological process that takes time, and the virus doesn’t immediately colonize the entire body, said Lavrishchev. earlier reported that fatty fish, milk, yogurts, and mushrooms can help with vitamin D deficiency.