Expert criticizes Russia's vaccination principles

10:38, 05 January 2021
Expert criticizes Russia's vaccination principles Photo: Sergey Kiselev/ Moskva News Agency

Immunization in different regions proceeds unevenly and selectively, which can undermine its effectiveness in Russia, says Doctor of Medical Sciences Anton Ershov.

He said one of the main problems of immunization is that today most vaccines are sent to Moscow while regions receive small batches.

What will we achieve by doing this? All this will rage in the regions, and we will have already vaccinated most Moscow residents. After that, the necessary doses of vaccines will go to the regions. If air traffic is maintained, Moscow residents will have lower immunity, while vaccination in the required volume may not reach the regions yet, Life quotes Ershov.

According to the expert, three months after the vaccination, the immune response is already weaker, and those who arrive in the capital may become new carriers of the disease.

Ershov urged to focus on Europe's principles of mass vaccination. According to the expert, people from different regions have an equal chance of getting immunized against COVID. reported earlier that every ninth Russian citizen is afraid of 2021.