Health Ministry proposes to restrict movement between regions amid pandemic

11:52, 07 December 2020
Health Ministry proposes to restrict movement between regions amid pandemic Photo: Sergey Bulkin/NEWS.RU

Russian Ministry of Health believes that in connection with the epidemiological situation in the country, it is necessary to impose restrictions on the movement of citizens between regions.

Speaking at the conference 'Medicine and Quality,' Minister Mikhail Murashko noted that to contain coronavirus infection, it is worth considering the introduction of additional measures that will restrict Russian residents' movement both between the subjects and within specific regions.

The second wave shows us that the emerging foci within the country probably require consideration of a specific restriction on individuals' movement, including between the subjects, and sometimes within the subjects, to limit the spread of infection, RIA Novosti quotes Murashko.

He added that the need for restrictions due to the pandemic would remain until the health system learns to control the epidemiological process with drugs and vaccinations.

Today, we have an epidemic process while not influencing it pharmaceutically in full, at least as we would like. <...> Before we can learn to manage pharmaceuticals actively, we will have to use measures such as anti-epidemic restraint systems, lockdown systems. It is a forced measure, but to preserve the population's life and health, it is permissible, Murashko said. reported earlier that Russia recorded over 28,000 new COVID cases.