Immunologist warns of overusing vitamin supplements

13:46, 21 November 2020
Immunologist warns of overusing vitamin supplements Photo: imagebroker/Michaela Begsteiger/Global Look Press

There can be no widespread vitamin deficiency in a civilized, prosperous country where citizens eat well, Russian allergist-immunologist Aleksey Bessmertny said.

The specialist assures that multivitamins are rather dangerous to health than useful. The only exceptions are Iodomarin for residents of some regions and vitamin D for children under three years old.

As Bessmertny noted, hypervitaminosis can occur due to the abuse of vitamin complexes. Its signs are nausea, lethargy, fatigue, decreased urine output. Vitamin D hypervitaminosis may trigger vomiting. People who drink handfuls of vitamins have every chance of getting into the toxicology department.

According to the doctor, a small deficiency or an overabundance of vitamins does not gravely affect the immune system but disturbs the overall health, reports.

Pomegranate and chokeberry juice, as well as green tea and vitamin D, can be excellent means of preventing COVID-19 using traditional methods, reported earlier.