Oncologist lists cancer-causing foods

04:00, 23 November 2020
Oncologist lists cancer-causing foods Photo: Paul Williams - Funkystock/ Look press

Russian Oncologist-Surgeon and Candidate of Medical Sciences Mikhail Myasnyankin has explained what products can cause cancer in humans.

The expert stressed that the fault lies not with the product itself but with its manufacture and preparation method. It turned out that ordinary food does not cause cancer development. If contaminated with mineral fertilizers or carcinogenic substances, then there is a risk due to the detrimental effect on the digestive tract and mucous membranes. Cancer can appear due to such an impact.

According to the doctor, the main problem is always the way of cooking. For example, carcinogenic substances accumulate in food if meat or vegetables are fried in sunflower oil, which had been used several times.

Myasnyankin also recommends eliminating alcohol from the diet completely. Alcohol can increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, in particular liver cancer.

The expert stressed that a healthy person's diet should not contain an abundance of fats, calories, and sugar. They are not carcinogenic, but they can cause other pathologies, especially of the endocrine system.

Due to these diseases' aggravation, the body will not be able to fight cancer properly, Myasnyankin told Channel Five.

On the other hand, some foods are considered anticarcinogenic, the doctor added. These are greens, vegetables, fruits, salads. However, they should be washed well, appropriately stored, and prepared.

There can be no widespread vitamin deficiency in a civilized, prosperous country where citizens eat well, Russian allergist-immunologist Aleksey Bessmertny said, reported earlier.