Pandemic of insomnia: Doctor reveals consequences of coronavirus

09:27, 10 December 2020
Pandemic of insomnia: Doctor reveals consequences of coronavirus Photo: Unsplash

The constant stress against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic has led to the fact that many Russian citizens are faced with sleep disorders, said President of the Russian Society of Somnologists Roman Buzunov, Rossiya 1 TV reports.

At the same time, disturbances in falling asleep and the sleep process are observed even in those who have not been infected with coronavirus, and these are not the consequences of infection, the doctor said.

Insomnia can be caused by decreased activity during the day due to self-isolation and remote work, disruption of regular daily routines, and stress.

Now what we have is a long-term stressful situation. The entire population is practically under stress. We have a pandemic of insomnia against the background of a pandemic of COVID infection, the doctor emphasized.

Non-pandemic causes of sleep disorders include sleep apnea, gadget use before going to bed, panic attacks, and heartburn. To normalize the regimen, the somnologist advised not to use a smartphone in the evening, exercise, not consume caffeinated drinks at night, and not read the news.

Russia is fully prepared for broad cooperation with foreign partners in fighting the pandemic, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s telegram to the participants of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Counteracting COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases, reported earlier.