Scientists name blood sugar reducing product

11:36, 05 January 2021
Scientists name blood sugar reducing product Photo:

The consumption of chickpeas contributes to a rapid decrease in blood sugar levels, media reports, citing medical specialists.

This peculiarity is associated with the fact the product contains a lot of fiber and protein. Fiber can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. As a result, they are broken down at a lower rate, in particular, into glucose. Therefore, the latter does not have time to accumulate.

If you replace a wheat-based dish with a chickpea-based meal, eating it once a day, you can significantly lower your blood sugar in six weeks, scientists say.

Moreover, the product helps to normalize glucose levels by influencing weight gain. According to the available data, people who eat chickpeas feel fuller longer, and their cravings for unhealthy foods are reduced, Express reports. reported earlier that Turkish scientists invented a device to diagnose COVID in 10 seconds.