Specialist explains two-level protection against COVID-19

06:29, 07 December 2020
Specialist explains two-level protection against COVID-19 Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko Jr/XinHua/Global Look Press

Two levels of immune defense - natural and artificial - prevent coronavirus's penetration into the body, said Andrei Tsvetkov, Associate Professor of the Microbiology, Virology and Immunology Department at Yaroslavl Medical University.

According to the specialist, the first level is innate immunity; the second is created artificially by vaccination, Radio Sputnik reported.

Vaccination does not give 100% protection if there is no normal innate immunity, that is if there is no nonspecific resistance. Immunity is the first protective barrier for any infectious pathology, Tsvetkov explained.

He added that each person's immunity is different, and it changes significantly over the years, depending on the impact of various factors. The effect of negative factors and vaccination must compensate. Thanks to the vaccination, the body learns to respond correctly to diseases.

Vaccination is a minor illness. With its help, we train the body. The body's defense system is not aimed at the formation of specific mechanisms. We artificially create them, the doctor stressed.

The American company Moderna has sufficient capacity to provide the EU countries with a much larger number of doses of the COVID vaccine than the 80 million ordered, said corporation chief Stephane Bancel. According to him, the company can supply the EU with 300 million doses of the drug, reported earlier.