Specialist lists products that spoil teeth color

14:46, 05 January 2021
Specialist lists products that spoil teeth color Photo:

Irina Makeeva, director of the Dentistry Institute at Sechenov University, listed the products that can change the color of teeth for the worse.

The strongest colorants are blueberries, black currants, beets, cherries, and red wine. As the doctor explained, coloring pigments are combined with acid in these products, accelerating their enamel penetration.

Makeeva also recommends everyone who wants to show off a beautiful smile to refuse colored carbonated drinks, most spices, and sauces. Teeth also darken due to the regular use of coffee and tea, the specialist added.

Tea and coffee will definitely stain the teeth. Moreover, tea is much stronger. It is due to the presence of tannins, in addition to pigments and acids, MSK Agency quoted Makeeva.

The dentist recommends rinsing the mouth or using an enzyme foam after every time a cup of coffee or tea.

The consumption of chickpeas contributes to a rapid decrease in blood sugar levels, reported earlier.