Virologist comments on WHO recommendations to wear masks everywhere

08:36, 03 December 2020
Virologist comments on WHO recommendations to wear masks everywhere Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin/Global Look Press

The risk of contracting coronavirus exists in crowded places, in particular on the street, and therefore, the new WHO recommendations to wear masks even in the open air make sense, head of the laboratory of Russia’s Ivanovsky Research Institute of Virology, professor Alexander Butenko said, URA.RU reports.

It is unnecessary to wear a mask if there is no one around, but it is possible to get infected when people meet and talk to each other, the expert explains.

It is believed that when coughing and sneezing, the virus spreads by airborne droplets two meters. But in the wind, this distance can increase to 4–5 meters, the virologist said.

The same applies to restaurants where the air is ventilated. Butenko also recommends wearing a mask at bus stops, in front of traffic lights, and in other places where many people gather.

WHO published new guidelines for wearing masks on December 1. In particular, doctors advise wearing masks in any case in stuffy rooms. It is recommended to wear a mask on the streets if the distance between people is less than a meter. reported earlier that people with bronchial asthma are facing a lower risk of contracting coronavirus infection. Israeli scientists said the likelihood that they will get sick is about a third less than the rest of the people.