Virologist issues vaccination tips for COVID survivors

10:10, 07 January 2021
Virologist issues vaccination tips for COVID survivors Photo: Sergey Kiselev/ Moskva News Agency

Anyone who has already had a coronavirus infection should still be vaccinated against COVID-19, says Alexander Chepurnov, the former head of the laboratory of hazardous infections at the Vector Center. He notes that the best time for immunization is when the level of antibodies in the body drops to the so-called 'gray zone.'

When the amount of antibodies is close to the gray zone, it is the most appropriate time for vaccination. Then the past illness will serve as a boost, a platform, after which the vaccination will give even better results, he said in an interview with

The expert clarified that manufacturers of antibody tests use different measurement principles and scales to classify the body's level of protection against infection. However, everyone has such a notion as a 'gray zone.' Chepurnov stressed that it is recommended to take tests for antibodies to coronavirus for those who have been ill or have been vaccinated once every month and a half since the protection level is gradually decreasing. It is necessary to monitor it.

Chepurnov does not recommend vaccinating those with high levels of antibodies to COVID-19. In this case, the drug may be ineffective.

Virologist, RAS Corresponding Member Sergei Netesov, in turn, recalls that vaccination is simply an imitation of infection for the body, and a person who has recovered from COVID-19 is protected from the virus not less than the one who was vaccinated.

And it is not worth measuring immunity with just an antibody titer: after all, there is also cellular immunity and immune memory cells, and their presence does not always correlate with the antibody titer. Only time and observation will show, he said. reported earlier that doctors revealed non-obvious symptoms of cancer.