Death toll in Indonesia earthquake reaches 26

10:17, 15 January 2021
Death toll in Indonesia earthquake reaches 26 Photo: Komunikasi Kebencanaan BNPB/Theophilus Yanuarto

The death toll in the powerful earthquake in Indonesia has risen to 26, France-Presse reports, citing the National Disaster Management Board (BNPB).

Two powerful shocks of magnitude 5.7 and 6.2 occurred on the island of Sulawesi. Almost 30 strong aftershocks followed. There is a threat of a tsunami. In the province of West Sulawesi, about 2,000 people were forced to flee their homes. The earthquake destroyed more than 60 buildings, including the local governor's office and hotel. reported earlier that at least seven people died, and more than 600 were injured as several treamors jolted Indonesia.