Earthquake in California struck area near California-Nevada border (VIDEO)

16:30, 09 July 2021
Earthquake in California struck area near California-Nevada border (VIDEO) Photo:

The earthquake magnitude of 6 took place south of Lake Tahoe near the California-Nevada border on Thursday at around 3 pm. There have been around 40 aftershocks after the earthquake hit.

The video shows how vehicles are slowly maneuvering between large rocks scattered in the road on Highway 395 near Coleville.

The particular earthquake has got the name “Antelope Valley Earthquake”, given by Austin Elliot, a research geologist from the Earthquake Science Center. The USGS data shared that around 15,000 people felt the Antelope Valley Earthquake. SSILKA NA IH DATA SITE

California’s Office of Emergency Services tweeted that there were no preliminary reports concerning the damage or injuries of the earthquake.

Earthquakes may be various, depending on the strength of seismic waves. The force is calculated by the Richter magnitude scale from 1 to 9, where 9 may inflict severe damage to any building and other infrastructure of an area. The earthquake magnitude of 6, which occurred in California has a description “Strong”. It may damage a moderate number of well-built structures, slightly damage well-built ones, and severely damage poorly designed structures.


Some people may go out of control when they feel an earthquake coming, but there are instructions when the ground is trembling.

One should stay inside and not walk between rooms, one especially should not stay in doorways. One should also drop onto their hands before the earthquake knocks. If possible, quickly move away from the bookcases, glass, hanging objects, and large furniture that could fall.