Russian journalists detained in Turkey filming plot about drone creation

16:06, 07 December 2020
Russian journalists detained in Turkey filming plot about drone creation Photo: Baykar/

NTV journalists detained in Turkey filmed stories about the coronavirus and the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

One of the stories was about COVID, and the other was about the production of drones. They were detained in a suburb of Istanbul, the location of the Baykar Savunma drone plant. Its address is available on websites, on Google Maps, and on Yandex, RIA Novosti reports, quoting NTV editor-in-chief Alexandra Kosharnitskaya.

She added that the journalists were detained immediately upon arrival at the enterprise. They contacted the TV company and informed about their detention.

But as far as we understand, they were not held by the police. We did not have official data on where, how, and by whom, Kosharnitskaya said.

Istanbul police detained employees of the Central Television program Alexei Petrushko and Ivan Malyshkin. They have been out of reach since December 3. According to a source in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, NTV journalists did not have accreditation and filmed without permission in the area where the manufacturer of combat drones Baykar Savunma is located. The Istanbul administration confirmed the detention of journalists for unauthorized filming. reported earlier that Kremlin expressed hope for for peaceful resolution of incident with the detained journalists.