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Eight people killed at ‘Squid Game’ themed party in Panama

12:12, 03 November 2021
Eight people killed at ‘Squid Game’ themed party in Panama Photo:

Eight people were killed during the “Squid Game” themed Halloween party in Panama on October 31, TMZ said.

The accident occurred in one of the clubs in the town of Sant-Ana where the party was.

The local criminals from the rival gang called “Los Galacticos” apparently started the fire resulting in a result of which five people were shot as three bodies were found in a nearby garbage dump and seven people were wounded. 

"These criminal groups are not going to stop having criminal behavior linked to drug trafficking, gangs, this is going to bring a consequence," the prosecutor Rafael Baloyes said.

The attacker who started the shooting was reported to die in the crossfire. The police have arrested two suspects including the brothers of the killed criminal.

"We assume that he used the firearm to defend his brother," the prosecutor Rafael Baloyes added.

Squid Game is Netflix Korea’s TV show where a group of people plays through deadly games to win a huge cash prize. The TV show was released in September and by mid-October, The Squid Game had become the most-watched series in Netflix history.

Bloomberg reported that Netflix was expected to gain more than $900 million in value from the show.