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Another bloodbath happens in Guayaquil prison, Ecuador, 68 dead

11:08, 14 November 2021
Another bloodbath happens in Guayaquil prison, Ecuador, 68 dead Photo:

Massive gunfight erupted in the notorious and the largest prison in Ecuador, Litoral Penitentiary, between gangs connected to drug trafficking, forming a death toll of no less than 68 prisoners.

Clashes in Guayaquil prison began reportedly on Friday evening following the worst Ecuadorian in-prison massacre that had been at the same place a month ago. As soon as the armed forces entered the prison numerous weapons such as guns, knives, and explosives were discovered.

The battle lasted for about eight hours, SkyNews said.

The conflict between rival gang members allegedly started due to territorial disputes after one gangster, a leader of a group,  was released.

“As this section of the prison was without a ringleader, other gangs tried to… enter to carry out a total massacre,” the Governor of Guayas province, Pablo Arosemena said.

Arosemena added that the area where the massive act of cruelty occurred was populated by 700 inmates.

Relatives and friends of the prisoners gathered in front of the penitentiary to obtain information about what had happened behind the barbed wire. The list of the names who suffered in clashes has been hung in front of the prison.

The previous brutality amongst prisoners at the same penitentiary counted for 116 killed and dozens injured, thus the massacre is considered to be the cruelest and largest ever happened in the country. Other brutalities happened back in February and July this year in the country's prisons. Thus more than 79 people died in February slaughter and July butchery added 22 to an obituary.

More than 300 people have perished in prison carnages across the country to date.