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Argentina president charges of breaching quarantine

17:39, 28 August 2021
Argentina president charges of breaching quarantine

The Argentine prosecutor’s office was reported to have opened an investigation against the country’s president Alberto Fernandes for violating quarantine measures.

The Argentinian media published photos of the nation's first lady birthday celebration, where 12 people without masks and keeping social distance sitting at the table were recorded. The footage was taken during last year's presidential election in July. There was a strict quarantine in Argentina at that time and all the gatherings were not allowed as well.

The president, his wife and all already known guests have been charged for taking part in that celebration.

The President confessed to taking guests during the quarantine and made a public apology for his behavior.

However, The Argentine prosecutor’s office requested the list of all guests visiting the Presidential residence during last year’s quarantine.

Earlier, Fernandez appeared in a court and proposed to give a half of his four-months salary as compensation, the Presidential executive office reported on Twitter.

In July 2020, Fernandez himself prohibited all social activities and meetings before the celebration of his wife birthday

The violation of presidential quarantine decree is punishable with imprisonment. 

Opposition lawmakers have attempted to initiate a political probe into Fernandez’ case. Nevertheless, they don’t have much of a chance to imprison the President due to the fact that most lawmakers are members of Fernandez ruling party.