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Around 60 prosecuted over Cuban protests

17:27, 25 July 2021
Around 60 prosecuted over Cuban protests Photo: Kathleen T. Rhem/

Nearly 60 Cubans were prosecuted over charges concerning contempt, vandalism, and public disorder in connection to the unparalleled protest in Cuba.

The arrests come after the UN called on the Cuban government to release the prisoners, whose total number since the start of the riots can be counted in hundreds.

According to independent activists, the total number of prisoned protestors is 600, however, official data is not being released with complaints from families failing to find information about their relatives.

“Until yesterday, 19 judicial processes had reached the municipal courts of the country – cases involving 59 people accused of committing alleged crimes [during] these disturbances,” President of the Supreme Court Ruben Remigio Ferro said in a statement.

Cubans still hope that some of the prosecuted, whose crimes are minor, will be released by the government in the near future.

Thousands of Cubans held anti-government protests against food shortages and power outages. On its part, the Cuban government blames the protests on US-backed forces whose single aim, according to Cuban officials, is to destabilize the situation in the country.