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At least 50 people killed in road accident in Mexico

09:37, 10 December 2021
At least 50 people killed in road accident in Mexico

Almost 49 people were killed and another 58 were injured in the Mexican state of Chapas, local authorities said.

The head of the state civil protection agency, Luis Manuel Garcia said a truck with more than 100 migrants has overturned in a dangerous area of the road.

All the victims received medical assistance; those in need of hospitalization were taken to hospitals.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said some of the people who died included foreign nationals.

"My condolences to the victims and affected families. In communication with the State Government and Civil Protection. We make contact with the foreign ministries of the affected countries," Ebrard wrote on Twitter.

Latin American news agency Infobae reported that the truck carried migrants from Central America, mostly Guatemalans, who were heading to the United States. According to unconfirmed reports, the vehicle has failed brakes.

At least 19 people were killed and 32 injured in a bus crash in central Mexico on November 26.