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Brazil’s President Bolsonaro joins Liberal Party before elections

17:04, 11 November 2021
Brazil’s President Bolsonaro joins Liberal Party before elections Photo: Antonio Molina via www.imago-ima/ Look Press

The Head of State has joined the centrist party even though he is considered to be of the far-right movement.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will join the centrist Liberal Party (Partido Liberal) before the presidential elections scheduled for autumn 2022. The announcement was made by the party on Wednesday.

Bolsonaro will file a membership certificate in the country’s capital Brasilia on November 22, the party’s communique said.

The Liberal Party will become Bolsonaro’s ninth party in his political career. His last union was with the right-wing Social Liberal Party before he left in 2019. Since that year the President had no declared political affiliation even though he tried to form his own party Alliance for Brazil, but it did not receive enough signatures to get registered.

The requirement to join a party is obligatory for all politicians seeking to participate in the election as under the country’s law independent candidates are forbidden to take part in the voting.

The Liberal Party is a member of the centrist coalition which supported Bolsonaro and backed him during the opposition’s impeachment initiative.

On the same day, Bolsonaro’s rival Sergio Moro joined the center-right Podemos Party indicating that he will participate in the elections. Moro served as justice minister under Bolsonaro in 2019 but quit the position next year over a conflict with the President.

Besides, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (or simply Lula) is also expected to take part in the presidential race. Brazil’s leader in 2003-2010 was charged by Moro with corruption and even was imprisoned in 2018 but got released later. According to the latest opinion polls, Lula would have beaten Bolsonaro in the race with Moro taking third place.

Antivaxxer Bolsonaro is accused of mismanagement of the country concerning the global pandemic to the point that a Brazilian Senate committee opened an investigation and presented nine charges against the current President.