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Brazil’s President accused of COVID-related crimes against humanity 

13:59, 20 October 2021
Brazil’s President accused of COVID-related crimes against humanity  Photo: Myke Sena/ Look Press

Following a major investigation into the scandals and corruption in the Brazilian government accused the President Jair Bolsonaro of crimes against humanity due to his weak response to the pandemic, The New York Times wrote.

Brazil is one the most hard-hit countries with over 600,00 COVID-related deaths recorded. 

The report also innitialy called on charging the Brazilian President with homicide and genocide against indigenous groups but it was not mentioned in the final variant.

The final version of the report is as long as 1,200 pages and focuses on such charges as crimes against humanity, incitement to crime and forging of documents.

There is no guarantee that the report will lead to criminal charges as first it needs to be voted on by the commission of the Senate where it could be seriously changed or even vetoed.

Bolsonaro said that the inquiry was politically motivated. 

Even if the report will not lead to criminal charges it still damages the already dwindling reputation of the Brazilian President, lowering his chances for the 2022 election.