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Bolsonaro continues to claim innocence even after Senate's voting

20:49, 27 October 2021
Bolsonaro continues to claim innocence even after Senate's voting Photo: Myke Sena/ Look Press

Senators of Brazil voted for charging the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic but despite that he and his sons are still claiming innocence.

Earlier he was accused of committing crimes against humanity following a major investigation into the scandals and corruption in the Brazilian government. 

The President himself insists he is “guilty of absolutely nothing,” however the COVID-19 situation in Brazil with over 600,000 deaths recorded has made him lose his popularity quickly.

Brazil is the second worst-hit country after the United States. 

The decision of the Senate to make Bolsonaro face justice does not have any effect for now as it first must be backed by the Prosecutor-General Augusto Aras who is a supporter of the President and is expected to support him.

The report of the investigation which was published is as long as 1,300 pages and it accuses not only Bolsonaro but also two corporations and 77 other people including the three sons of the Brazilian President. 

The sons also deny any wrongdoing and claim innocence. 

"It is a totally political report, without any legal basis," said Flavio Bolsonaro, one of the President's sons.

"The intent of some senators on the investigative committee is to cause the maximum amount of wear and tear on the President," he added.

Among the supporters of the Brazilian President is the former President of the US Donald Trump who has endorsed Bolsonaro saying "he fights hard for, and loves, the people of Brazil."

Despite all the criticism the President is still continuing on spreading his distrust of the vaccines as he has published a video on the video hosting platform Youtube in which he says there is a link between the vaccines against COVID-19 and Aids.

Youtube has deleted the video and banned the channel of the Brazilian President for a week.