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Brazilian President Bolsonaro investigated into vaccine claims

15:06, 04 December 2021
Brazilian President Bolsonaro investigated into vaccine claims Photo: Myke Sena/ Look Press

In October Brazil’s far-right leader wrongly presumed that COVID vaccines developed AIDS in human bodies.

Brazil's Supreme Court has opened a probe into President Jair Bolsonaro’s video in which he diffuses claims saying that those vaccinated have a strong chance of getting AIDS.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes called on the country’s prosecutors to check if Bolsonaro’s comments are linked with his supporters investigated into the spread of fake news. United in the movement dubbed the Office of Hate, they shared misinformation about COVID and incited Brazil’s population to hold a coup to grant Bolsonaro absolute power.

Some of them have been arrested, including Roberto Jefferson, the leader of the Brazilian Labour Party whom Bolsonaro joined ahead of the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for October 2022. 

The footage was made in October and has since been deleted by Facebook and YouTube moderators following the platforms’ fake news policies. In the video, he referred to an article from a magazine which he refused to unveil to avoid problems with the social media platform.

The UN Programme on HIV and AIDS refuted the claims adding that COVID vaccines are completely safe for those who suffer from the disease.

Earlier Brazil’s Senate committee opened an investigation into the government's handling of the COVID pandemic. Bolsonaro, notorious for his anti-vaccination polemic, denies the accusations.

Brazil is among the countries hit the most by the pandemic. Over 22 mln cases have been recorded in the country with over 600,000 deaths.