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Central Mexico hit by inundations, 17 hospital patients killed

12:46, 08 September 2021
Central Mexico hit by inundations, 17 hospital patients killed Photo: x99/

The country experiencing issues caused by an earthquake in the southwest has also been hit in its central part by massive flooding.

The National Social Security Institute announced on Wednesday that at least 17 patients of a hospital in the state of Hidalgo.

The public hospital situated in the town of Tula, some 60 miles away from Mexico City, was flooded in the morning. The deaths were probably caused by the shutting of oxygen equipment after electricity in the area was cut by the overflowed Tula river. The victims were presumably getting treatment for COVID.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presented his condolence on Twitter.

“There are good days, very good, bad, and very bad. Today is the last one. I am deeply saddened by the death of 17 patients of the IMSS hospital.”

Local media report that around 40 other patients were lucky to survive the disaster, they have been evacuated by rescue services to other clinics.

On the same day, a boat carrying state governor Omar Fayad went down in the river. The Governor later wrote on Twitter that he was alright and added that emergency services keep carrying out rescue missions in the region.

Mexican officials announced that military forces had been deployed to the scene to assist rescue squads. They have also called on residents of low-lying areas to move to safer or higher places.

According to estimations, more than 30,000 people experienced hardship following the inundations.

September is traditionally a tough month for the country. On Wednesday morning, the southwestern part of Mexico was hit by a major 7.1 magnitude earthquake, taking the life of at least one man.