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Chilean President signs same-sex marriage legalization bill

12:03, 10 December 2021
Chilean President signs same-sex marriage legalization bill Photo:

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Thursday signed a law allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.

The new bill will completely equalize the rights of same-sex and heterosexual couples, including in matters of parental rights and adoption.

"All couples who so wish, regardless of their sexual orientation, will be able to live love, marry and form a family with all the dignity and legal protection they need and deserve," Pinera said.

Pinera added that all children with mom and dad, two dads or two moms will have the same rights in such important issues as care, alimony, and inheritance.

“We know that in our country there are other opinions on this issue. Without a doubt, we recognize them as legitimate and respect them. It is also important to be open to development and the emergence of new points of view,” The President claimed.

On Tuesday, both houses of the Chilean parliament passed the final vote on the bill, which was supported by a majority of deputies and senators. 

Since 2015, Chile has had a law allowing same-sex couples to form a civil union. Earlier, same-sex couples in Chile could not adopt children.

The same-sex marriage bill was introduced to parliament in 2017 by Michelle Bachelet's left-wing government. All this time, the initiative was in the National Congress of Chile practically, but in June, the center-right Pinera suddenly announced the need to urgently obtain the approval of the bill.