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Lula da Silva accuses Bolsonaro of ruining Brazil before meeting Macron

15:34, 17 November 2021
Lula da Silva accuses Bolsonaro of ruining Brazil before meeting Macron Photo: Christian Ditsch via Look Press

The former Brazilian President who is expected to run for Presidency in 2022 has delivered a speech in the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

Ex-President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, commonly known as Lula, has accused the country’s current leader Jair Bolsonaro of destroying Brazil ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in October 2022.

Lula, who is making a tour around Europe, made a speech on Tuesday in the French Institute of Political Studies in front of some 400 attendees.

“The country is being destroyed, the country needs to be reconstructed. Only the Brazilian people will be able to democratically relieve Bolsonaro from his duties. That’s enough. Basta.”

Lula has also said that the current government threw the country at the back of the world and the Brazilians suffer from it.

“Nobody invests in Brazil because Bolsonaro is rude with women, doesn’t like Black people, burns down forests, and exercises violence against the indigenous population.”

The potential candidate for the presidency is scheduled to visit Belgium, Germany, France, and Spain over the week. He has already taken part in a media conference in the European Parliament held in Brussels where he compared Bolsonaro with US ex-President Donald Trump, while on Wednesday he is meeting French President Emmanuel Macron and then the potential chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

The tour is aimed at establishing ties between the EU and Latin America and particularly developing Brazil’s industry.

“We don’t want to export only soybeans, corn, or iron ore. We want to industrialize and export manufactured goods with a larger value.”

The 76-year-old politician, who ruled Brazil in 2003-2010, has earlier indicated that he was ready to run for another term but has not presented an official decision yet. For that, he must join a party, as it earlier did Bolsonaro, since independent candidates are not allowed in the elections under Brazil’s law.

According to the latest opinion polls, Lula would have beaten Bolsonaro in the race. The former President has recently been released from jail after spending there a year over corruption. The Brazilian Supreme Court has lifted all charges and Lula can now fight for his third term at the post.